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The signal peptide is located at the N-terminus of the secreted protein, which composed of 15-30 amino acids. It consists of three regions: a positively charged N-terminal, called the basic amino terminal: an intermediate hydrophobic sequence. Mainly neutral amino acids can form an α-helix structure, which is the main functional area of the signal peptide; a longer negatively charged C-terminal, containing small amino acids, is the cleavage site of the signal sequence. Also called processing area. When the signal peptide sequence is synthesized, it is recognized by the signal recognition particles (SRP), and protein synthesis is suspended or slowed down. The signal recognition particles carry ribosomes to the endoplasmic reticulum, and protein synthesis restarts. Under the guidance of the signal peptide, the newly synthesized protein enters the cavity of the endoplasmic reticulum. The signal peptide sequence is cleaved under the action of signal peptidase.

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Signal peptide prediction is of great significance to the study of protein structure and function. CD ComputaBio can provide you with professional signal peptide prediction services to meet your scientific research needs. Methods used in signal peptide prediction service provided by CD ComputaBio, include:

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The signal peptide analysis result contains three values: S-score, C-score and Y-score.

S-score: Each amino acid corresponds to 1 S value, there is a curve in the result display icon to show the change trend of S value, and the S value in the signal peptide area is higher.

C-score: the value of the cut site. Each amino acid has a C value, and the C value at the cut site is the highest.

Y-score: Y-score is a parameter that comprehensively considers S-value and C-value. It is more accurate than considering C-value alone, because C-value may have more than one higher site in a series, but only shear site One; the shear site at this time is inferred from the Y-max value, and the S value is a steep place value and the site with a high C value is the shear point.

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Our services CD ComputaBio provides customers with professional signal peptide prediction solutions according to their detailed requirements. We also provide you with result analysis service.
Timeline 1-2 weeks.
Product delivery mode We will provide protein prediction results and related documents, pictures, etc.
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CD ComputaBio's signal peptide prediction service can reduce the cost of subsequent experiments. Signal peptide prediction service is an important and necessary step in the process of drug discovery and development. Signal peptide prediction service is a personalized and customized innovative scientific research service. Before determining the corresponding analysis plan and price, each project needs to be evaluated. If you want to know more about service prices or technical details, please feel free to contact us.


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