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Comprehensive Solutions

Using our unique artificial intelligence platform in various application scenarios

icon-1Develop Drug Targets

  • Find the relationship between drugs and diseases
  • Find effective targets
  • Shorten the period of target discovery

icon-2Candidate Drug Discovery

  • Process a lot of highly fragmented information
  • Develop virtual screening technology
  • Optimize the high-throughput screening process

icon-3Prediction of Drug Crystal Form

  • Efficiently and dynamically configure drug crystal
  • Shorten the development cycle of crystal
  • Select the appropriate drug crystal form

icon-4ADMET Prediction

  • Effectively extract structural features
  • Deep neural network algorithm
  • Accelerate the early discovery and screening process

icon-5Repurpose Existing Drugs

  • In-depth learning technology
  • Find new indications
  • Improve the curative effect

icon-6Design and Optimization of Clinical Trials

  • Optimize clinical trial research design
  • Eliminate unnecessary burden of clinical operation
  • Maximize potential to improve the possibility of clinical trial success

icon-7Patient Screening and Recruitment

  • Automatically match the trial results with the patient's situation
  • Improve the efficiency of accurate matching
  • Complete the trial recruitment in a short time


  • Methods and experience in signal detection
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Find potential drug-related side effects earlier

Intelligent Image Diagnosis

Intelligent medical imaging equipment Imaging omics and deep
learning algorithm Image recognition technology, preliminary diagnosis


Analysis of Surgery Video

Judge the disease degree before operation Analyze the data
in the preoperative medical records Virtual reality based surgery simulation

nomain-solution-pic6Intelligent Inquiry and Guidance

Provide medical consultation, self-consultation, guidance and other services Support diagnosis and treatment, medical reminder, report query, etc.

nomain-solution-pic7Electronic Medical Record

Replace medical staff's partial administrative work Automatically learn contents in documents

nomain-solution-pic8AI-assisted Surgery

Uncover critical insights and best practices from the billions of data elements associated with robotic-assisted surgery

nomain-solution-pic9Literature Reading and Information Extraction

Search and filter multiple medical websites and databases Automatically obtain the full text of the literature Analyze the text and labels of the literature Automatically generate summaries

nomain-solution-pic10Health Management

Revolutionize patient care and health management within the decade.

nomain-solution-pic11Adjuvant Therapy

Additional treatment to the primary or initial therapy to maximize its effectiveness using artificial intelligence technology

nomain-solution-pic12Deep Mining of Public Document Database

Biomedical research tool that brings knowledge to scientists in real time by connecting millions of knowledge nodes

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