Drug toxicity, especially hepatotoxicity, liver toxicity and cardiotoxicity, is a key reason for withdrawal of approved drugs from the market. It can save both time and developmental costs to identify potential toxicity at an early stage in drug discovery. Our toxicology services provide an extensive characterization of potential compound liabilities due to cardiac safety, hepatotoxicity, genotoxicity, safety pharmacology, and more. Our in vitro toxicology testing services are designed in accordance with international guidelines. In the meanwhile, developing novel in vitro toxicology assays for profiling and screening applications using new approaches and technologies, is proving to be valuable for evaluating emerging in vitro toxicology endpoints.

Numerous data exist online that can assist in in silico chemical or drug safety assessment. Capturing a chemical's safety profiles or toxicity within databases has become a necessary part of research across many industrial sectors, especially pharmaceuticals. CD ComputaBio is dedicating to integrating in silico data resources relevant to toxicology suitability for modelling, read-across, or similarity searching.

Toxicity Markers

Cell viability
Reactive oxygen species generation
Steatosis and phospholipidosis
Mitochondrial function
Glutathione depletion

A comprehensive portfolio of in vitro toxicology assays include:

Cardiotoxicity Mitochondrial Toxicity
hERG safety
Microelectrode array (MEA)
Structural cardiotoxicity assay
Combined hypertrophy and cardiotoxicity assay
Comprehensive In vitro Pro-Arrhythmia Assay (CiPA)
Functional mitochondrial toxicity assay (Seahorse)
Mitochondrial respiratory complex assay (Seahorse)
Mitochondrial biogenesis assay
Mitochondrial Glu/Gal assay
HCS mitochondrial toxicity
Neurotoxicity Hepatotoxicity
Neurite outgrowth
3D brain microtissue
3D Hepatotoxicity assay
High-Content Assays
Nephrotoxicity Mechanistic Toxicity
Chronic exposure nephrotoxicity assay Cell stress panel
Apoptosis and necrosis assay
Lysosomal trapping
Reactive metabolite assessment
Cell viability (MTT, LDH and neutral red)
Toxicological gene regulation
Skin sensitisation assay
Androgen receptor modulation assay
Ames test
In vitro micronucleus test (HCS CHO-K1 cells)
In vitro micronucleus test (Flow cytometry TK6 cells)
pH3 and pH2AX genotoxicity assay
γH2AX double strand DNA damage response assay
In vitro Comet
Liver Toxicity
High-content imaging-based In vitro toxicity assays
In vitro cell-based toxicity assays

CD ComputaBio provides comprehensive in vitro toxicology services to assess drug safety profiles early in the discovery process, and offers analytical services in support of toxicology studies, such as method validation, formulation analysis, homogeneity and stability testing. We serve producers of traditional pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, gene therapies, industrial chemicals, and consumer products. All services can be ordered individually or combined.

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