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Hydrophobicity refers to the phenomenon or property that water-insoluble molecules in an aqueous solution exclude water molecules around themselves and gather together to achieve the goal of minimizing contact between these molecules and water molecules, thereby reducing water-insoluble molecules The interaction with water molecules reduces the energy of the system and reaches a relatively stable state.

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Hydrophobicity analysis has important guiding significance for analyzing the transmembrane region of membrane proteins, the secondary structure and spatial structure of globulins. Hydrophobicity facilitates the folding of the protein inside to form a secondary structure, which further forms a domain and tertiary structure. At the same time, the hydrophobicity is also conducive to the formation of alpha helices, ensuring its stability. Now, CD ComputaBio provides you with professional hydrophobicity analysis service to meet your scientific research needs.

Suitable systems for hydrophobicity analysis include but not limited to:

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Project name Hydrophobicity Analysis Service
Our services CD ComputaBio provides customers with professional hydrophobicity analysis service solutions according to their detailed requirements.
Timeline 1-2 weeks.
Process 1. Submit your sequence confirmation requirements online.
2. Our technical support staff will put forward a project quotation and answer any technical questions.
3. Start production by providing a formal purchase order.
Product delivery mode We will provide protein prediction results and related documents, pictures, etc.
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CD ComputaBio's hydrophobicity analysis service can reduce the cost of subsequent experiments. Hydrophobicity analysis service is an important and necessary step in the process of drug discovery and development. Hydrophobicity analysis service is a personalized and customized innovative scientific research service. Before determining the corresponding analysis plan and price, each project needs to be evaluated. If you want to know more about service prices or technical details, please feel free to contact us.


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