• Chemical Drug Development
  • Protein/Antibody Development
  • Drug Discovery
  • Data Analysis
  • Other Services

Integrated Services

Solve various computational biology and chemistry problems with advanced technologies.

icon-1Chemical Drug design service

  • De novo Drug Design
  • Structure-based Drug Design
  • Fragment-based Drug Design
  • Multiple Targeting Design
  • Pharmacophore Model Construction Service

icon-2Molecular Dynamics Simulation

  • Umbrella Sampling Simulation
  • Steered Molecular Dynamics
  • Replica Exchange Molecular Dynamics
  • Targeted Molecular Dynamics
  • Coarse-grained Dynamics Simulation
  • Lipid Molecular Dynamics Simulation
  • Principal Component Analysis
  • Membrane Protein Molecular Dynamics Simulation

icon-3Molecular Docking

  • Protein-small molecule docking service
  • Reverse docking service

icon-4Virtual Screening

  • Structure-based virtual screening
  • Ligand-based virtual screening
  • Inverse Virtual Screening
  • 3D-QSAR service
  • SAR Analysis and Development
  • Lead Drug Screening, Scoring, and Ranking

icon-5Affinity Maturation

Application of in silico analysis and prediction methods to antibody variable fragment (Fv) regions.

icon-6Immunogenicity Assessment

Provide a way to measure the potential immune responses of biologics and biosimilars.

icon-7Antibody De Novo Design

Our AI-driven platform utilizes molecular simulation technologies to provide antibody de novo design.

icon-5Drug-target Relationship Analysis

The analysis of drug targets can reflect which structures of drugs can interact with the target molecules and produce curative effects.

icon-6Drug-drug Relationship Analysis

Determine the similarities and differences between different drugs better and reduce the high investment in actual testing.

icon-7Target Identification

Network-based methodologies for drug–target interactions (DTI) prediction in silico.

icon-7COVID-19 Drug repurposing

Build a disease-gene-drug network, and evaluate reusable drugs.

icon-7PK/PD Modeling

The PK/PD modeling is helpful for drug screening and accelerates the process of new drug development.

icon-5Protein-Protein Interaction Prediction

  • Protein-protein Interaction Network Prediction
  • Protein-protein Interaction Sites Prediction

icon-6Complex Network Analysis Service

  • Residue Interaction Network Service
  • PPI Network Service
  • Pathway and Network Analysis
  • Gene Interaction Network Analysis
  • Series Test of Cluster Service
  • microRNA and Target Gene Network Diagram

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