AI-Assisted Biocatalytic Element Design

At CD ComputaBio, we offer cutting-edge AI-assisted biocatalysts design services to enable our clients to optimize their bioprocesses. Our team of expert scientists and researchers is dedicated to utilizing the latest technologies to design highly efficient biocatalysts that can enhance the production of various chemical compounds, pharmaceuticals, and biofuels. With our AI-assisted approach, we can significantly shorten the development timeline and improve the overall performance of biocatalysts for a wide range of applications.

What is Biocatalytic Element?

Biocatalysts are biological molecules or cells that can catalyze chemical reactions and are widely used in industrial processes for the production of important compounds. These biocatalysts can be enzymes, microorganisms, or even whole cells that have been engineered to perform specific reactions efficiently. One of the key advantages of biocatalysts is their environmental friendliness. Unlike traditional chemical catalysts, biocatalysts are derived from renewable resources and operate under mild conditions, which can significantly reduce energy consumption and environmental impact.

Fig 1: Computational tools for the evaluation of laboratory-engineered biocatalystsFig 1: Computational tools for the evaluation of laboratory-engineered biocatalysts. (Romero-Rivera A, et al, 2017)

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Types of Our Biocatalysts

Several types of biocatalysts can be designed and optimized for various applications:


Enzymes are proteins that act as biocatalysts to accelerate specific chemical reactions without being consumed in the process. Lipases, proteases, oxidoreductases, and transferases are some of the commonly used enzymes for industrial processes.


Yeasts, bacteria, and fungi can be used as biocatalysts to produce a wide range of products, including biofuels, bio-based chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Engineered microorganisms are capable of carrying out complex metabolic pathways and producing valuable compounds.

Whole Cells

Some industrial processes utilize whole cells as biocatalysts to produce compounds such as amino acids, organic acids, and specialty chemicals. The ability to engineer whole cells for specific reactions makes them valuable biocatalysts in bioprocesses.

CD ComputaBio offers a comprehensive AI-assisted biocatalysts design service to enable our clients to optimize their bioprocesses and enhance the production of valuable compounds. With our expertise in computational modeling, enzyme engineering, microorganism design, and bioprocess optimization, we are dedicated to delivering customized solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients. If you are interested in our services or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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