Post-GWAS Analysis

Introduction of Post-GWAS Analysis

Fig 1 Analysis Process of Post-GWAS Analysis.

Fig 1 Analysis Process of Post-GWAS Analysis.

Analysis Content

  • Conduct group stratification analysis, analyze and understand the stratification information of materials.
  • Perform linkage disequilibrium analysis, the level of linkage disequilibrium can determine the accuracy of the association analysis and the number of selected markers.
  • Combining population genotype and phenotype data, use a mixed linear model to perform genome-wide association analysis, and perform gene function annotations on the analyzed sites that are strongly associated with the target trait.
  • Use PrediXcan's predict function to estimate the gene expression level regulated by SNP.
  • Association analysis of gene expression and target traits.

Application Filed

  • Research on susceptibility genes for tumors and complex diseases.
  • Disease warning, genetic counseling, early diagnosis, risk assessment and drug selection.
  • Research on crop specific traits.

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