Amino Acid Composition Analysis

Amino acid composition analysis is a classic protein analysis method, which has been widely used in medicine and food science research, and it is essential for the quantitative analysis of protein. This is a complicated technology. In the past ten years, the most significant developments in this technology include: (i) Reduction of hydrolysis time through the use of microwave radiation; (ii) Improved sensitivity of residue detection, quantification of sensitive residues and separation of enantiomeric forms of amino acids (Iii) The application of amino acid analysis in large-scale protein identification through database search; (iv) The use of reversed-phase high performance liquid chromatography to gradually replace the original ion exchange residue isolate. Amino acid analysis is currently facing huge competition in the identification of protein and amino acid homologues.

Importance of amino acid composition analysis

Amino acids are a group of compounds with different chemical components in proteins and peptides. Amino acids play a vital role in biological processes such as biosynthesis of nerves and transmitter transport. Amino acid composition analysis is one of the classic protein analysis methods, which can be used to determine the composition and content of amino acids in protein/peptide drugs, and the content of atypical amino acids in protein/peptide drugs.

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  • Determination of amino acid composition,
  • N-terminal amino acid analysis
  • C-terminal amino acid analysis
Cycle Depends on the time you need to simulate and the time required for the system to reach equilibrium.
Product delivery mode The simulation results provide you with the raw data and analysis results of molecular dynamics.
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CD ComputaBio' amino acid composition analysis service can significantly increase the hit rate of lead compounds and reduce the cost of later experimental screening. Amino acid analysis service is an important and necessary step in the process of drug discovery and development, such as analyzing and observing drug metabolism and protein function. Amino acid composition analysis service is a personalized and customized innovative scientific research service. Each project needs to be evaluated before the corresponding analysis plan and price can be determined. If you want to know more about service prices or technical details, please feel free to contact us.


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