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CD ComputaBio provides the biopharmaceutical industry with high-quality medicine and organic synthesis expertise, as well as a collection of unique, novel, patentable, and drug-like organic compounds for drug discovery. Our team is composed of professional chemists who are experts in high-quality organic synthesis, medicinal chemistry services, screening libraries, and new organic molecules production with potential biological activity. Our reliable experience in the development of screening libraries has provided new chemical starting points for multiple client discovery programs.

With our state-of-the-art facilities, using specially designed multifunctional workstations based on rapid parallel synthesis production technology, and a large number of core structures portfolios, our platform enables us to cover a variety of different chemical substances. Our excellent team of chemists conduct high-level problem-solving skills to manage complex chemical procedures. Our chemists also have expertise in the chemistry of heterocycles, macrocycles, peptide/peptidomimetics, etc.

We offer dedicated services to support and accelerate fundamental research in academic laboratories, and help biotech and biopharma companies to address drug development challenges with the best quality research services. Our solutions contribute to proof-of-concept programs and IP reinforcement needed for the development of innovations, ranging from early discovery to the preclinical research phase.

Overview Overview
  • Skilled synthetic route design, problem solving and rapid execution on milligram to kilogram scale
  • Expertise in a diverse range of compound classes and specialized chemistry including heterocyclic drug-like small molecules, linear and cyclized peptides, natural products, peptidomimetics, nucleotides, nucleosides and macrocycles
  • Preparative Chiral HPLC and SFC purification
  • Flow, photoredox, electro- and microwave chemistry capabilities
  • Parallel library synthesis
  • Years of accumulated drug-discovery expertise from global pharmaceutical companies
  • Track record of success resulting in the collaborative delivery of IND candidates and commercialized drugs
  • Named inventors and authors on patents and publications
  • Expertise in all major therapeutic areas covering multiple gene families and target types
  • Drive projects by focusing on hypothesis-driven, multiparameter optimization to design and deliver high-quality candidates to minimize attrition
Expertise Expertise
  • Heterocyclic Chemistry
  • Transition Metal-mediates Reactions
  • Difficult-to-handle and Sensitive Reagents
  • Handling of Gaseous Reagents
  • Cryogenic Reactions
  • Specialized Synthetic Needs
  • Niche fields of interest
  • Protein degraders
  • Design and synthesis of novel chemical entities in drug discovery programs such as target to hit, hit to lead and lead optimization SAR studies
  • Designing novel chemical entities
  • Biological profiling of the designed compounds
  • Structural directed design in drug discovery program
  • IPR evaluation of the scaffolds

CD ComputaBio will collaborate closely with you to make your project a success, from screening of drug candidates to delivering robust formulations, through a very flexible array of business models including FTE, FFS or Hybrid models. Our unparalleled platforms and excellent drug discovery expertise enable us to provide you the depth and breadth in science with comprehensive data and unique insight that can progress your drug discovery programs.

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