Medical Therapy and Research System

Intelligent Inquiry and Guidance

Our Intelligent Inquiry and Guidance platform uses the medical AI engine to accurately identify and match the needs of both doctors and patients. It assists doctors to provide medical consultation, self-consultation, guidance and other services for patients. Our platform supports diagnosis and treatment, medical reminder, report query, dynamic waiting, and queue reminder.


Electronic Medical Record

AI can replace medical staff’s partial administrative work through machine learning, such as guiding triage, user investigation, data collection, etc. AI automatically learns contents in documents such as textbooks, medical records, clinical guidelines, etc., and reorganizes these contents in its knowledge system through natural language processing technology. In addition, AI can also provide decision support for hospital administration through big data analysis. Semantic analysis on the patients’ voice input provides guidance to triage, saving manpower and facilitating patients. AI’s sensors are able to monitor patients’ vital signs and suggest more accurate treatment options.

AI-assisted Surgery

Advanced analytics and machine learning techniques are being used concurrently to help uncover critical insights and best practices from the billions of data elements associated with robotic-assisted surgery. This will help reduce surgical variation and its attendant inefficiencies and poor outcomes, as surgeons better understand the techniques that align with better outcomes. In addition, those insights can link to a patient’s post-operative and long-term health outcomes.


Literature Reading and Information Extraction

By extracting useful information from scattered yet massive data and generating hypotheses that could be verified, AI can accelerate the drug development process. The introduction of AI machine learning will greatly improve the efficiency of literature search and information acquisition.

  • Search and filter multiple medical websites and databases
  • Automatically obtain the full text of the literature
  • Analyze the text and labels of the literature
  • Automatically generate summaries

Health Management


Adjuvant Therapy


Deep Mining of Public Document Database

Online Inquiry

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