Process Digitalization

Process digitization is a further extension of digitization. It focuses on encoding process-based non-digital information, which is mainly used to solve the problem of relying on non-digital information processes. Through digital management of processes, process digitalization can significantly help users to improve work quality and efficiency.

Digitization gains more potential value and a higher level of understanding by converting information into a computer-readable data format. Process Digitalization is further expanded on the basis of digitization, and is mainly used to solve problems that rely on non-digital information processes. The focus of Process Digitalization is to encode non-digital information based on the process and express it in a digital-centric way. It reduces the risk of work densification through digital and standardized management of transaction processing procedures, saves information management costs, reduces workload, and improves work quality and efficiency.

Our Solution

Medical Imaging Archiving and Communication Systems
For the digitization of medical image processing procedures, we provide you with the medical image archiving and communication system (MIACS).

Our MIACS adopts the DICOM 3.0 international standard and combines the medical information management system to digitalize and manage all the information generated by every process of the medical imaging examination department and the clinical medical department: from medical image collection, storage, transmission, processing, and query to printing. By this way, our MIACS realizes two-way sharing of medical imaging information, which accounts for more than 90% of medical information, and improve economic benefits and management efficiency for you.

MIACS structure

Figure 1 MIACS structure

Laboratory Information Management System
For laboratory process digitization, we provide you with the Laboratory Information Management System (LIS). LIS realizes the intelligent, automated and standardized management of laboratories by combining experimental instruments and computer networks to digitize the complicated operation process of sample information entry, experimental data access, report review, printing and distribution, and statistical analysis of experimental data. LIS not only helps improve the overall management level of the laboratory but also reduces loopholes and improves inspection quality.

LIS structure

Figure 2 LIS structure


Reduce material costs
Our process digitization solution digitally stores data in the cloud, on-demand storage, multiple copies of cloud data, saving a lot of materials and space, while improving data security.

Reduce management costs
By digital storage, the medical imaging in our Process Digitalization Solution will never distorted, and occupies a small area, saving a lot of management costs.

Improve work efficiency
Our Process Digitalization Solution makes it possible to access medical data in any place with the Internet, such as borrowing films and accessing past medical records of patients. Things that used to require a long period of time and a lot of human participation can now be achieved with a single click, greatly improving the efficiency of doctors.

CD ComputaBio has formed a team of experts excellent in imaging science and clinical domain knowledge, providing AI-driven solutions for Process Digitalization according to your detailed requirements.

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