Analysis of Surgery Video

Surgery is about precision and efficiency. Artificial intelligence(AI) can be effectively trained to deliver a reliable and efficient segmentation and labeling of operative video into its constituent steps. Computer vision, a form of AI, allows for quantitative analysis of video by computers for identification of objects and patterns, such as in autonomous driving. Automated segmentation of videos can allow important operative steps to be efficiently indexed for training or expert consultations for feedback and coaching. Identification of deviations from an expected operative course lays the foundation for automated detection of intraoperative adverse events. AI can enable real-time, evidence-based clinical decision support in an operative setting. CD ComputaBio leverages the AI-powered technology to make education and operation for surgeons more accessible, reliable, and effective than ever.


Successful uses of AI in other fields of medicine, such as diagnostic ophthalmology, dermatology, precision medicine, and pathology, have also been reported on.

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Videos Data Collecting

Collected videos of high-quality, with some videos used as training data and the others as novel test data.

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Data Annotation

Feature engineering refers to the process by which experts annotate data to help achieve functional algorithms.

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Video Segmentation

An important technology for video structuring and retrieval. Develop, evaluate, and build out a modern deep learning based AI solution and get the models into a practical environment.

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Functional Algorithms

Machine learning algorithms (eg support vector machine classifiers, hidden Markov models, neural networks). Coresets were utilized to analyze video in real-time.

Application Scenarios


Give an optimal operation plan, and judge the disease degree before operation based on important preoperative data points. A machine learning algorithm that can analyze 3D scans up to 1,000 times faster than before. Standardized advanced imaging is now used by AI technology platforms to simulate surgeries (breast, head, and neck) in the preoperative setting. Surgeons can prepare for cases based on real-world contextual data and can assess their own performance.

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Review numerous prior cases, prepare and plan for future ones by artificial intelligence. Learn from annotated footage of others as they make good and errors. Guide surgeons to use surgical instruments in real time during the operation. Utilize cutting edge computer vision and machine learning to analyze visual content, identify key intraoperative moments and present surgeons with aggregated rich insights.

Professional Training

Virtual reality based surgery simulation has become an economic and effective means of clinical training. The intelligent integration of medical imaging, motion tracking, physical simulation, tactile feedback and visual presentation constructs a realistic virtual environment to achieve the goal of providing professional training in surgery. Surgeons can analyze and improve performance with the help of AI technology, while continuously refining their teaching skills.

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