Experimental Validation Platform

Cutting-edge work in artificial intelligence utilizing the next-generation generative tensorial and reinforcement learning has been followed by experimental validation. First, the purpose of the project is described and rationalized. Next are the steps from cloning to biophysics, including the expression system and the purification of membrane-bound proteins. When the goal is to use cutting-edge technology and a lot of effort to find and identify new preclinical drug candidates, pharmaceutical industry research can organize its platform. CD ComputaBio integrates predictive physics-based methods with machine learning techniques and experimental validation platform to accelerate drug discovery.

Our Platform's Proprietary Capabilities

  • Faster Hit/Lead Discovery
  • Large-Scale Molecule Exploration and Evaluation
  • Accurate Property Prediction and Validation
  • Integrated Data Management and Visualization

CD ComputaBio can now officially provide valuable solutions to the pharmaceutical industry via our proprietary CADD platform. We have already seen several successful use cases via co-operation with big pharma and institutions. For more details about our solutions, please click here.

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