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Medical imaging is an approach used to create visual depictions of body organs. Clinical investigation is required to look at the interior of the body. Therefore to diagnose or view different organs, different image modalities need to be visualized by using certain computational techniques. Computational techniques for biomedical images are becoming a main approach in the area of medical science for detection and diagnosis of diseases. These computational techniques for biomedical images are used by computers to analyze any medical image and to make decisions. In the last few decades, different types of computational techniques have been introduced, and have played a very important role in various areas. These computational techniques using biomedical images are very useful in medical science for the detection of diseases in human body organs.  

With the availability and analysis of a much larger set of variables combined with sophisticated imaging and analysis techniques, the traditional paradigm of a pathologist and a microscopy could rapidly be replaced with a digital pathologist relying on a large flat screen panel to view and rapidly analyze digitized tissue sections. Researchers have begun to develop computer­aided diagnosis methods by applying image processing and computer vision techniques to try and identify spatial extent and location of diseases. Imaging modalities and computational techniques have been utilized in various image applications such as preprocessing, segmentation, classification, compression, and security. Image processing techniques using computational methods have been broadly developed, including image recognition, analysis, and enhancement. This processing includes many types of techniques and operations such as image gaining, storage, presentation, and communication. In medicine, many techniques are used such as segmentation and texture analysis, which is used for cancer and other disorder identifications.


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